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I looked into the face of evil. He told me sad stories, about a man who was tortured by his own thoughts.

But not to worry. I came across more evil when I witnessed death. And now I'm withered, a sad man at his best.

This is the worst. Hell has clenched itself to my brain. Extracting everything and leaving me to rot. Like The mentally insane.

My problems are my problems why can't it just leave me be! My problems eat me away inside I feel the fucking pain! Trust me it's not easy being ripped apart from society. It takes a toll on me. It takes a toll on me!

I tell myself I'm alive and well. But really I'm just a man, burning in hell. It may seem like I'm ok, and happy. But I'm not. Just an empty body begging for a chance at mercy.
These scars won't seem to heal. These lights won't seem to shine. I'm fucking miserable, completely blind and left to die. X2

I'm alive. I'm a dead man. I despise. All I've created.

I'm rotting my brain, with all of my negative thoughts. The earth will shatter as I take my walk to hell. Forgive me lord for death is my only will. I fucking love it I'm entering a shell to be alone.

When will it stop? When can I be free?
Im picturing things that aren't even happening. I'm losing all sleep.
What the fuck is happening to me?

I'm at my breaking point. I'm losing all sanity. My mind is melting then I feel this presence look at me. He screams it's all in my mind. He screams you'll never be fine. I can't take it I can't erase it. I'm not. I'm fine.

I'm alive! But these thoughts in my head will cause me to die.


released June 15, 2014
Recorded/Produced By: Johnny Franck



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Messenger Toledo, Ohio

4 piece metal band from Toledo, Ohio

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