The Sicko

by Messenger

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released July 6, 2014

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Sam Bottner
Album Art by Marcus McAninch



all rights reserved


Messenger Toledo, Ohio

4 piece metal band from Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Something New
I'm moving on to something new! Forgetting everything that's caused me to die. If there's one thing I know that's partially true. It's that I'll never be doomed.

But it's getting harder and harder to cope with my thoughts. Imagine seeing two of you. And youre despising yourself. But You can't help it! I'm Crushed by the way I look in the mirror.

The constant struggles of being on my own, am I starting to feel insecure?
There's no place to go, there is no time for hope.

I want to make it alive. I need something in my life.

These open days are blind they've filled my rage to the side.
I can't be seen with this light.

Our purpose is to die, well we can't win this ride. So let's go one last time.

I hear my own self cry. Im just itching to die. So far from home this time.

So far from home and I'm suffering here! So far from home waiting to reappear.

I can't take it anymore! This place where I'm at. This place is no home. If home is where the heart is then my heart is a fuccing graveyard and I'll burn in it. Burn like I always do. No place to go. I need to stop the blue I need SOMETHING NEW
Track Name: Lost World
I've become so lost, shapeshifting into something I'm not. Only to be chewed and spit out over and over again.

I've went through a lot in my life. But nothing as bad as this. What have I become. When did this demon become into my head.

Wars go on. The killing continues. I'm not dying yet.
No emotions. No regrets.

The drugs are ripping off my flesh.
The drugs are tearing off all of my flesh.

Some people think you can cure being crazy. Some think that you can help your mind. But the truth is. You can't No one can. We're all gonna die alone. In this broken world. In this broke home. Think about it. We all should be ashamed of the people that we've become.

Look at us all. Our lives have become so violent. Killing our own. Aren't you ashamed? Aren't you Ashamed of who we've become. There's a difference between hell and life it's said. Nothing ever comes and goes with the hope at bed.

We'll open our eyes to the torture. Why can't the world see us scream. I'm fucking dying inside to see the ending. I'm fucking dying inside to see this world bleed.

So I can begin to say. So I can repeat the lies.

We're in a lost WORLLLDDDD!!!
Track Name: Relentless Hope
These are the father of cries. The broken down and disguised.

These are the father of cries. The broken down and diseased.

Feelings of being lied and hated can only mean one thing. That you are doing something right. Cause it's still not easy. Caught in a world of destruction and hate all it does is bring more pain.

Ripping out my own hair. Knowing nothing will be fair. But there is still hope. We just gotta keep moving on.

This is not the place or time to stay. The emotions are running and my head goes gray. My mind is going south and the dark is clouding my brain. My own reflection is scaring myself away.

These words are true don't give up don't give up you must have relentless hope!

These words! Are true! You must have! Relentless hope!

These words I've spoken from the start. I gave my best to express my broken heart. The world will never get better, my mind is cloudy as it seems. I'll take this gun. And I'll end everything.
Track Name: Forsake
I'm tearing my heart out. And setting it on stage. And Looking back at all the hate that has filled my days. No promises. No regrets were made. Now give us back our lives. Or die of young age.

The empty walls are closed tight. Who cares what we go through nobody at all. But If I can give back maybe I can be cured. Nothing will ever change in this world.
But we can't have that. Not with people like you around. We strive for hope but all we get is rejects. And a big nice fuck you!

There will always be death, and in the meantime it won't stop coming for us.

For sake on all of us. We are a dying breed. People killing each other just to full fill their needs. A place where I cant even dream.

For everything we contribute to this world we pour our hearts out. Only to get them stomped only to get them removed from our body.

All of our dreams will get washed away. Broken hearts can't mend or stay. Because this world will burn.

This world will burn.
Track Name: The Sicko(featuring Colin Sharkey of Barrier)
There's no where for me to go. I'm done with everything now. I've been through a lot. The man in my head has taken control of me. He's taken what appears to be all of me. Well, when things start to settle down for me. Maybe I can come back to who I used to be. Who knows when that will be though. I'm starting to question everything now. Am I alive, am I dead. Things have become so surreal ever since I've lost myself.
Ever since that thing has greeted me with such ruthless hate. But I know now. I know what I'm supposed to do. I'm so sick. I wish I can be normal again. Well, this is my goodbye. My farewell to everyone. Please take care. Please don't forget me. Just know this is how it began....

Here I am again. Alive and well. Wishing I was dead. Stuck In a hole in hell. I'm Tortured by my thoughts, and born to kill. But my mind gets the best of me and destroys my will. I'm wasted, withered, left to fall. Some days seem so surreal. some days seem so withdrawed. I'll lye in the grave that I dug. Hated by all. Destroyed by my mind. No room to crawl.

So I'll take this chance to let you all know. I'm not the one at fault here it's my head and it grows. He's the leader of death and the leader in mind. He destroyed my faith and He destroyed my life.
I can't explain the way I act. Because it hurts sometimes. I'm miserable and dead but I'm just fine. Showered with blood my conscience moves on.
if there's a will there's a way I can still see this world is blind.

It's all me now! Have I been doing this to myself. Did I mean everything I've said. Or was it all just placed in my head.

I'm growing more fond of death. And I think I like it. There's no way in hell that things will ever fade away. I've been through hell and back. I've seen the dark. I've prayed to nothing. Now let me be in peace.
Were all sickos and we just like to be hunted. By the palm of our hands.

I'm problematic and it's all a shame. No I can't stay the same no I can't stay the same. This hate eats me away. I'm scratching my brain. I Convinced myself that I'm the one to blame. I talk about the world yeah I talk about it all. One thing I don't understand why can't I just fall? I guess there's still a plan for me.

Death has brought me here so there's no room to hide. I've fallen through with everything It's been a fatal guide.

I'm in the corner where it all began please tell my mom and dad that I just had some problems within. I'm wasting away and I think my time has come. Tell my loved ones that I'm gone.

So will you all please just listen lets take a second to try. Your mind is a dirty thing and there's no where to hide. I'm gonna end it all there's tears in my eyes. I'm gonna end it all now I'm laid here to die.